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Debbie Hagen, daughter of Dick Tatem, owner of STONEAGLE. December 2003 in Kansas.
It took only one shot!
December, 2003 in Kansas. Debbie Hagen, daughter of Dick, and her first deer with a firearm.

Dan Tatem, son of Dick Tatem, owner of STONEAGLE.


What Does a Hunter Do after filling three New Hampshire deer tags? Head to Maine, of course! Dan Tatem of Northwood had a terrific year, shooting three bucks here, one a 6-pointer, another with 8 points and the third with 9. The 6-pointer was taken with the bow, the other two with a .50 caliber TC Omega muzzleloader. The Maine trip was easy for Dan. After noticing a fresh scrape with some big droppings, Dan was standing near it for just five minutes when he caught movement about 40 yards in front of him. He shouldered his Ruger .44 Mag carbine and out stepped a 205-pound, 9-point buck. Dropped him right there! That was the first day of a nine day hunt. Rest of the time was spent cooking and bird hunting, resulting in 3 rabbits and 7 partridge.


on the photo:
Dan Tatem, son of Dick.




Megan Brown was hunting with her dad, Joe, on Youth Weekend last fall here in New Hampshire.
The deer weighed 138 pounds and Megan is 9 years old

The following was sent to us by our friend Tony Carter who lives in North Carolina. A short time before the event he is about to relate here he shot a deer at 110 yards with the same Plinker.

Seth Marion"A few months ago, I bought an Olympic Arms  Plinker .223 caliber rifle.  I decided to let my nephew use it and go deer hunting with me. His name is Seth Marion (soon to be Seth Carter because my brother married his mom and is going to adopt Seth).  On December 8, 2001, which was the last day of gun season in the North Carolina county we hunt in, a doe of about 150 pounds appeared in a creek bottom approximately 350 yards away.  This was the first deer Seth had had an opportunity to shoot at in his short deer hunting career. He had never been deer hunting before the 2001 season. Much to my happiness, Seth shot the deer behind the right shoulder.  She ran about 85 yards and we found her in a creek bed.  Seth was one excited young man. I was excited for Seth and also very impressed by the performance of the Olympic Arms Plinker.  It did the job for a 14 year old hunter on his first shot at a deer.  I am enclosing a picture of Seth and his first deer."

Man, nothing like a set of 14 year old eyes to get things done!  Way to go Seth!  Tony Carter's buddy Tony Hutchens has had a lot of success with his Oly CAR15.  He writes:

"My Oly is the Model CAR-AR and is about 10 years old. I've shot three deer with it and uncounted ground hogs, skunks, one fox, two snakes, and two raccoons, plus it is used heavily in our combat shooting course at our IDPA range.  My Oly is the reason my grandson is getting one. Whenever we go over to the farm to "ramble" through the woods I always give him a choice of weapons to carry from my safe. He has available to him a Colt SP1 AR15, AK 47, M1 CARBINE,  and SKS, as well as my Oly. He always chooses the Oly."

Thanks for the testimonials guys. You have both  put our product to the test and come out winners. Keep up the good work, and keep those young ones shooting! --- Dick

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