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Canada Geese
"Canada Geese" 

Fred Swan's meticulous attention to detail gives his paintings an  immediate, recognizable style. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, he is entirely self-taught. Due to the length of time necessary to complete a piece, he is often unable to fill the demand for his work. Despite this fact, he is retained the integrity of his art by consistently limiting the number of each publication.

Fred's paintings are filled with nostalgia. The extreme realism and beauty of his creations cause others to look to the future and remark: "now that is the kind of peaceful setting I want when I retire!" Margaret Ewing of Station Square Gallery in Pittsburgh writes: "Fred Swan's images are nostalgic and heartwarming. They instill peace and well-being. I include his work in my gallery because of it's simplicity and beauty. People like his work - it taps and appreciation for those things in the life that are good and wholesome. For this reason, his images are timeless."

"Anyone would love to spend a weekend in one of Fred Swan's paintings."

Fred Swan's paintings are found in many public and private collections including those of Johnson&Johnson, Malcolm Forbes, and the Vermont Council on the Arts. He is a winner of the 1979 Saturday Evening Post Cover Contest, and his work has been featured in many national publications, including Yankee Magazine and Vermont Life.



Winter Farm
"Winter Farm"
Midnight Visitor
"Midnight Visitor, Snowy Owl"