Dick Tatem
Dick Tatem, owner of Stoneagle
 greets his clients with a warm smile

Dick Tatem grew up in rural North East Connecticut where he learned to hunt upland game and waterfowl, and enjoyed watching very willing bird dogs work the fields, woods, and water. He married and began raising three children while running his own business. This company was sold and in 1985 he made the move with his family to New Hampshire to start a country inn. The delightful old home came with a custom picture framing business, and Dick with an eye for detail, plunged in. The attendance of many Ducks Unlimited dinners inspired the idea of selling art and he soon became the Northeastís largest Terry Redlin dealer and an authorized dealer for art publishers Hadley House and Greenwich Workshop. Other artists such as Vermontís Fred Swan with his finely detailed country scenes soon were added to the list.

With so much art focused on the pleasures of hunting and country life, along with living in the town that is the home of Sturm Ruger, it followed naturally to add new and used firearms to the shop. When the inn was sold in 1995, Bill Ruger Jr. became the landlord for Stoneagle and that brought about a close relationship with the Ruger factory.

There are many fine Ruger guns in stock. In 2001 Dick became a dealer/distributor for Olympic Arms, located in Olympia Washington, makers of the finest AR15 type firearms available for over 25 years, and also the owner and manufacturer of Safari hand guns. This has added another dimension to the business. Whatever your heartís desire with Olympic, Dick can get! Dick regularly attends New England guns shows, buying and selling to round out his inventory.

In light of September 11, Stoneagle encourages the responsible purchase of firearms for sport and protection along with proper safety training and handling.

Interior of Stoneagle

An Award given to Dick Tatem from Olympic Arms as Top 10 Dealer Distributor
An Award given to STONEAGLE
from Olympic Arms as
Top 10 Dealer Distributor

Jesse with his doggles

Dick and Jesse, enjoying the Harley's sidecar

Interior of Stoneagle
(on easel "Tales of the Day" by Dave Barnhouse)

Hours of operation are:

0930-1700 Eastern Time, Wednesday - Friday
0930-1500 on Saturdays

The shop is on route 11, half mile East of downtown Newport, New Hampshire. Please come in or contact us for information or to place an order.






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